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July 10, 2012

Ever seen a weird-looking Chinese character, wanting to know how to pronounce it, or what it means?

Like this one?

or these twins?

饕 餮


When I find myself in such a situation, and have an ipod/ipad at hand, I use the “Kanjidic” application. It’s free and very easy to use. It’s developed by Rakudoor, copyright 2010. Search for “Kangjidic” in Itunes store and it will come up. This is an app for Chinese, not Japanese, in spite of the name. See the screenshots below

Usage for students of various levels:

  • Students can practice hand-writing using the ” 手写查询” function. Only by following the correct stroke order will the character prompts show.
  • Demonstrate this use in class and students if motivated to practice, will likely download it and have fun with it.
  • This app should help students who want to develop reading proficiencies and read extra materials.