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May 18, 2016

Tool to see words in context

When you are learning new vocabulary, you want to see a lot of sentence examples that show you the form and meaning of the vocabulary and see how people use them.

This website,, is very useful because you can enter a Chinese word and it will give you a list of English-Chinese sentence examples based on natural language corpus.

Give it a try. 🙂 Happy learning~~~~


September 15, 2014

Names and Culture

Names and cultural connotations of names are typical contents of language learning. For Chinese learning at the advanced level, we also teach about names, and add more cultural discussion and use more authentic input.

Below is an excerpt from a sina web piece that has gone viral “为什么这么多人黑周星驰“, about why Stephen Chow (director and actor of Shaolin Soccer, Chinese Odyssey, King of Comedy, etc.

It goes like this:



June 24, 2014

Mandaread (an iOS app)

mandareadFor Reading fluency building. Many CHIN apps focus on characters and dictionary. This app provides authentic reading pieces with pinyin annotation, glossary (line by line), and build-in glossary prompt.

A free app (available for iOS only.