1. Learning Characters

CS xiezi   –an app developed by Clavis Sinica; demonstrate stroke orders; around 3 dollars to purchase the app, which comes with characters of a few lessons of an online textbook; it can customize app for schools.


Kanjidic –dictionary; can recognize finger-written characters on ipad or iphone screen and turn them into words. Quite fun. If you are reading Chinese and come across this word (see below), kanjidic will certainly come in handy.





2. Characterizer (A FireFox Add-on)

This is quite a clever idea! Add this to your chrome browser and it gives you a Chinese character for the first letter of a word with meaning corresponding to that English word. Meant for Japanese or Chinese characters-apparently traditional style Chinese characters.


Characterize add-on for firefox













3. Google Translate

As language teacher, I constantly have to create teaching materials with Pinyin annotation and with simplified vs. traditional style character versions for different students’ needs. While other websites (such as which provides “pinyin editor” and conversion tools) and tools (dimsum software) have been very helpful, I now rely more on google translate. It’s very convenient and easy to use. The audio provided is also of good quality. Here is an annotation for these useful tools in case you’ve not yet discovered them.

Google Translate tools

Google Translate tools


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