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April 14, 2016

Chinese Lunar New Year Greeting

Suggestions for classroom:

1) activate schema: show Chinese New Year iconic images such as the couplets, the upside-down “福”, family dinner tables, etc. Ask students to complete the sentence, “在中国新年,人们____________________。” This practices simple sentence structures and verb phrases.”

2) Group-work: Present a transcript of Mark Zuckerberg’s Chinese wishes (with characters and Pinyin) and have students work in groups to try to sound out the words.

3) Bring class together to cover any new vocabulary and sentence patterns in the transcript they are not familiar with.

4) Show the video clip and watch together. Discuss the video, such as “do you think Mark Zuckerberg’s tone affects his comprehensibility?” ”

5) Practice: have students imagine they will pose as family and greet their friends or family in China and make a video greeting. Have them choose their addressee, write up the script, and act out either in class or video-taking themselves.

Tip: if your classroom has no Internet connection to show youtube videos in class, you can download youtube clips with a youtube video downloader app for firefox.  Search in google and you will find the app. Download the clip as MP4 which can be played by most video players.