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December 25, 2014

Chinese Learning Videos

China Central Television offers great video-based lesson series on their website. There are shows for different levels, different purposes (everyday vs. travel vs. business), different learners (children vs. young adults vs. adults). The shows are hosted by perfect bilinguals, come with pdf transcripts with pinyin and translation of dialogues and all well-made and well-acted. 

December 25, 2014

Etymology of Chinese characters– three best search sites

1. The famous Uncle Hanzi: 

2. 汉典 

3. 说文

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December 12, 2014


If you are interested in project-based language learning, consider the following free online institute.

——–Begin forwarded message—–

Aloha! The National Foreign Language Resource Center at the University of Hawaii‘i at Manoa is pleased to offer two professional development opportunities focused on project-based language learning (PBLL) in 2015:



Project-based learning has had a rich and productive history extending for over 100 years. Embark on a journey of discovery to better understand project-based language learning (PBLL) and explore its connections with 21st Century Skills, content-based instruction, performance assessment and your own instructional context. Experts in the field guide you through the creation of a project blueprint. Connect with colleagues who have a common interest in quality PBLL implementation.

Complete Option 1 as part of a facilitated cohort or Option 2 via self-paced study. Successfully complete all assigned tasks and earn an NFLRC digital badge, which qualifies you to apply to the NFLRC 2015 Intensive Summer Institute in Honolulu (see below). The online institute is FREE, but space is limited, so sign up today.




JULY 27-31, 2015 • Honolulu, HI

How can I integrate Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) in my existing curriculum? How do I design PBLL projects to incorporate 21st Century Skills? The NFLRC 2015 Intensive Summer Institute (ISI) will help you answer these questions with guidance from experts in the field through a dynamic, technology-rich professional development experience. You will work on project design for your own language classroom assisted by colleagues and guided by a group of language professionals with background in project-based learning, language pedagogy, instructional technology and assessment.

We invite practicing K-16 world language educators to apply to participate. The NFLRC 2015 Intensive Summer Institute (ISI) is not a beginner’s workshop. In order to join, applicants will need to first earn a digital badge from the Fundamentals of Project-Based Language Learning Online Institute (see above) as a prerequisite. Seats are limited and applications will be competitive. Accepted participants will need to pay a $100 registration fee for the Intensive Summer Institute. Stipends to defray travel expenses will be available to selected participants traveling to Honolulu for the ISI. Preference will be given to participants currently working in community college contexts, but all practicing world language educators K-16 are invited to apply. District supervisors and world language curriculum specialists are ineligible to apply.

Badge Requirement Deadline:  March 15, 2015

Application Deadline: March 31, 2015

Jim Yoshioka
Program Coordinator


National Foreign Language Resource Center

University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

1859 East-West Road #106
Honolulu, HI  96822-2322

Phone: 808-956-9424



NFLRC Facebook page:

NFLRC Twitter page:

NFLRC YouTube channel:


December 6, 2014

Open-University courswares for Chinese

  1.  film:
  2.  journey through china
  3.  senior chinese; relationship
  4.  a century of chinese cinema
  5.  China Paranoma Series
    1. breakthrough 1
    2. breakthrough 2
    3. threshhold 1
    4. threshhold 2
    5. Waystage I.
    6. Waystage II
    7. Chinese Phonetics
    8. Let’s enjoy Chinese characters
    9. Chinese for children
    10. Beginner’s Chinese
  6.  language video
    1. 1
  7. Hong Kong Open
  8. Chinese cuisine
  9. Emory U.
    1. Radicals
    2. Pinyin
    3. Numbers
  10. Seton Hall
    1. Beginner Chinese reader
    2. Intermediate Chinese
    3. advanced Chinese
    4. Chinese beyond emory; intermediate; interviews in China
  11. China after empire-1911 remembered
  12. Chinese business etiquette
  13. watch film “confucius” and learn Chinese
  14. Chinese culture-an introduction
  15. history of Chinese philosophy
  16. interesting stories of Chinese classic brand names
  17. U of Chicago; video projects, skits and speech contests
  18.  genre-based Chinese; designed for middle-school