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September 18, 2014

Video for All

A high-profile EU-funded project. to be launched in full soon. The idea is to be a comprehensive repository for all video uses in the FL classroom, examples, ideas, questions, theories,…

Something to be curious about.


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September 15, 2014

Names and Culture

Names and cultural connotations of names are typical contents of language learning. For Chinese learning at the advanced level, we also teach about names, and add more cultural discussion and use more authentic input.

Below is an excerpt from a sina web piece that has gone viral “为什么这么多人黑周星驰“, about why Stephen Chow (director and actor of Shaolin Soccer, Chinese Odyssey, King of Comedy, etc.

It goes like this:



September 14, 2014

Teaching Heritage Languages (Lessons created by best people in the field)

September 12, 2014

Seeking funding for using technology in the language classroom

If you are a teacher that uses technology in your classroom, if you spent the majority of hours creating online materials, created blended course modules, it is worthwhile to consider seeking financial support for your endeavors. This link leads to useful resources to come up with the essential arguments in your proposal: