Writing prompt: cultural differences

A good writing prompt motivates thoughtful responses and is a prerequisite for meaningful reaction piece. Prompts using multimodality (movie clips, songs, images) often provoke reactions more concrete and complex.

I came across the following images depicting stereotypical differences between the Chinese way of life vs. other cultures. Cultural comparisons necessarily build on scripts and stereotypes, so they tend to over-simplify, but the facts depicted here are quite humorous and not without insights.

The images below are from Xu Cui’s blog at


Cultural Differences

Sample writing prompt based on the images:

Prompt in Chinese:


  • 如果你曾去过中国,你觉得哪几组对比准确,哪几组对比不太准确? 你有过相似的文化差异的经历吗?选择你觉得准确或者不准确的几组对比,写一下你的经历和感受。
  • 如果你没有去过中国,凭你自己的感觉,你觉得哪几组对比比较有意思?为什么呢?你有过相似的文化差异的经历吗?

Prompt in English:

These images depict differences between the Chinese culture vs. other cultures. In your essay, please consider:

  • If you have been to China, based on your experiences, which pairs of these comparisons do you find most accurate in depicting the cultural differences you felt and which are less so? Please elaborate on your answers drawing on your knowledge and personal experiences.
  • If you have not been to China, which of the pairs of comparison do you find most interesting? Why so? Have you encountered similar cultural differences as depicted?

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